“On the evening of the vote, reporters at each of the major networks were briefed by pollsters at 7:54 P.M. Kerry, they were informed, had an insurmountable lead and would win by a rout: at least 309 electoral votes to Bush's 174, with fifty-five too close to call…Based on exit polls, CNN had predicted Kerry defeating Bush in Ohio by a ... However, 37 years later, the boy made history. on November 4, 2008, Obama became the first black president in US history with 297 electoral votes. Obama was born in 1961, to an African father and a white American woman from a small town in the US.

Oct 06, 2012 · Readers in Middle Tennessee were shocked. Some dismayed. Others, like me, delighted. Not so much for what it means in Tennessee because we're a red state with all 11 electoral votes going to Romney. The importance is the momentum it portends for Romney nationwide in the remaining few weeks before the election.