Basotect Melatech melamine based acoustic foam is a unique, flexible, open cell foam, possessing a combination of low weight, a Class 0 fire specification and good sound absorption properties. MELAMINE. Produced from melamine resins, Melamine foam exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance. A.M. Emsley, G.C. Stevens, in Advances in Fire Retardant Materials, 2008. Melamine. Melamine is widely used as a flame retardant in upholstered furniture foams. All of the available information indicates that melamine has low acute and chronic toxicity, so no adverse effects are envisaged from the level of exposure expected from the use of melamine as a flame retardant.

The most extensive line of floor pads for any cleaning need and floor type. A sustainable, high quality and efficient solution for floor care. Contents Number 5 2010. cover story Piped gas was first used in the form of town gas for street lighting in South Africa in the 19th century. Since then, a huge gas network has been created to ... We will be pleased to provide you with detailed technical specifications on request. Test values references to standards correspond to the status on the data of issue of the technical data sheet of our raw material suppliers. All values stated are average values. Our recommendations are made to the best of our knowledge.